Lightning Drafts Available On

Over at they have launched Lightning Drafts for this season and they are an exciting way to spice up the weekends action and maybe win a few quid at the same time. But what is a Lightning Draft?

The most exciting part of any normal draft league is the draft itself. There are so many factors to consider when deciding which players will get the most points over the season and you know that your draft day decisions will affect your team for the next 10 months. Not in a Lightning Draft!

Lightning Draft Leagues last for one Gameweek and one Gameweek only. You still get the fun of drafting your players but you are picking your team for this weekends fixtures and that’s it. Your players performance in one match is all that matters. The skill is looking at the fixtures for this Gameweek and deciding who will get you points right now. In these one off contests is a less heralded striker with an easy home fixture going to score more points in one game than a world class centre forward coming up against a side with a solid defensive record? You decide. And if you get it wrong you can always try again from scratch next week.


To make it easier and more fun each team is made up of just 5 players: 1xGK, 1xDF, 2xMF and 1xST. The result is a 5-a-side team that dreams are made of. And with so few players every goal, assist or even yellow card could be the difference between glory and defeat.

Each mini league contains between 2 and 5 managers so you have a genuine chance of taking home the spoils each time you play. Because each manager pays an entry fee the mini league champion takes not just the glory but also some cold hard cash (in 5 team leagues there is also a runner up prize).

Entry fees start from as little as £2 per team but there are higher stake leagues (£5, £10, £25, or £50 per team) for those feeling more confident.

Good luck to everyone who takes part this Gameweek!

To play a Lightning Draft head to

For full rules & Terms and Conditions click here

*Lightning Drafts are for over 18’s only


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