The Draft: 3 Rookie Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Even the most experienced fantasy football manager was once a complete novice. If you’ve never drafted before or want to know where you went wrong last time, here are 3 common errors to avoid that are often made in a rookies first draft.

1. Not making an Autopick list / Watchlist

This is the most important and yet most common mistake of all. You’re gonna be online on draft night anyway so what’s the point of making a list right? Hmm.

First of all you think you’re going to be online on draft night. This season one of my mates missed the draft completely because he forgot his log in details for the website. He’d signed up a few weeks earlier and couldn’t remember his username, password or which email address he’d set it all up with. By the time he’d contacted the website and got it all sorted the draft was over. Before you even mention potential power cuts, family emergencies or getting called into work at the last minute you just might be so mind bendingly daft to forget how to log on to the site at all. Just like he did. You know who you are! Believe me it does happen and it’s just not worth the risk!

The other less dramatic reason to make a list is that even if you are online for the draft as planned it’s enormously less stressful. You aren’t forced to pick the players in order but can see at a glance who are the best players still available according to the judge you trust the most. You.

With only 30 seconds or a minute to choose a player you simply don’t have time to be clicking through menus or comparing player stats or injury statuses. This is especially true once all the superstars are gone and you’re looking to find some value in who’s left. Unless you’ve got the mind of Stephen Hawking and know more about West Brom’s first choice back 4 than Tony Pulis you’re gonna struggle to get the best player available inside the time limit. Do yourself a favour and make a list. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

2. Picking Goalkeepers first or putting them at the top of your Autopick list / Watchlist

This one is forgivable but if you do make this mistake you’ll pay the price.

Common sense says when putting players in order you start with the Goalkeeper and work your way upfield through Defenders then Midfielders and finally Forwards. That’s perfect for reading out a starting lineup on TV but it could spell disaster for your fantasy draft.

The first players to get picked in the draft are the ones that will get the most points. They’re the elite Forwards and Midfielders that everyone wants in their team. If you put Goalkeepers at the top of your list then by the time you’ve gone through Defenders and Midfielders the only Forwards left will be benchwarmers at the big clubs or journeymen fighting relegation. Congratulations on picking up a stud Goalkeeper but if you’re front three is Wilfried Bony, Andy Carroll and Jonathan Walters then your team is in trouble from day 1. You simply MUST take a forward or superstar midfielder with your first pick.

3. Wasting mid round picks on backup players

In the standard format of 2xGK, 5xDF, 5xMF, 3xST the last 2 players you draft should be your second choice Keeper and your 5th choice Defender.

Yes it would look great to have 2 elite goalies but even if you do see Hugo Lloris is still available having already picked David De Gea then remember that only 1 of them can play for you each week and the other won’t score you anything at all.

Much better to get a decent 3rd choice Midfielder or Forward who will contribute to points scoring most weeks than have a big name keeper on the bench.

Lesson over! You’re not quite a draft fantasy football pro just yet, but by following these 3 simple rules you’ll at least have the edge over other rookies. For a more detailed insight and for draft strategy advice head over to the Draft section of FPL Draft Boss
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