Why You MUST Consider An Offline Draft!

The best thing about Fantasy Football is having a laugh with your mates, right? And the best thing about Draft Fantasy Football is the Draft? So why not get all your leagues managers together and have a Draft party!

Lets face it there’s only so much fun you can have sat on your own staring at a computer screen. Some things are just better when you can look into someone’s eyes and see them trembling with excitement. I’m talking about drafting! (Honest!)

Most fantasy football is done on a smartphone or laptop and the only interaction between managers is the occasional insult on a mini league message board. Well I’m old enough to remember a time when fantasy was played on paper and if you wanted someone to pick a team you had to go round to their house with a blank team sheet and watch them pick their squad before your very eyes.

“Get with the times, Granddad!” I hear you cry. But unless you’ve ever had to stifle a laugh as your friend struggles to spell the name of his first choice defender who he doesn’t know is injured for at least 3 months then you’ve never lived. Epic draft fails shouldn’t be made silently and alone, witnessed only by an HD screen in your bedroom. They should be made in full view of the other 7 members of your league so everyone can enjoy the slow, pained moment of realisation on your mates face as he discovers that Jermain Defoe was still available and he’s just picked Vincent Janssen.

Offline Drafts can be hilarious, noisy, even unadvisedly drunken gatherings that will undoubtedly be the highlight of your Fantasy Football year. Why not have actual trophies for winning with ceremonial handovers from one champion to the next? Or embarrassing forfeits for finishing last? Make your league YOUR league. Make it as serious or as ridiculous as you want. It’s a great excuse to get your friends together or to finally meet that work mate of your brothers who always finishes last in your mini league and flatly refuses to pick any Man Utd players because he supports Liverpool.

Oflline Drafts are brilliant. Afterwards the league will work exactly the same way as with an online draft, the players will score the same points and your team name will still be a hilarious pun that nobody else finds funny. But you’ve had a hell of a lot more fun than anything you could have done alone with just the internet and that computer screen.


All you need is a venue, some huge sheets of paper to make a draft board showing all the picks (some like to use post it notes instead) and at least one responsible person to remain fairly sober and make sure everything runs smoothly. Make your next draft an Offline Draft. You won’t regret it!


Offline Draft Sites

www.draftfantasyfootball.co.uk is an excellent site with a decent app and Opta powered points scoring. Their online game is terrific and is free to play but the process of offline drafting is a little bit awkward. Each manager has to separately sign in to the website and set up an Autopick list for their team containing the players he/she has drafted Offline. Then when the online draft begins providing nobody has made any mistakes it will allocate the correct players to each squad. Any input errors can be rectified with trades after the draft is over.

To do an offline draft on the Official Premier League website you must follow the same steps as above. The site is so poor in general though that I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody looking to play Draft Fantasy Football when much better providers are available.

www.realff.co.uk has the best and easiest option for online drafting. After the offline draft has finished it is the responsibility of the league chairman to go online and manually select the players for each managers squad. From my experience it is much easier and less stressful to rely on one person than to be chasing up 8-10 managers who all have to do their own bit before the league can begin. This is why for Offline Drafts realff.co.uk is the website FPLDraftBoss recommends for the 2017/18 season.IMG_3657
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