It’s Not Too Late To Start A Draft League This Season!

Are you new to Draft format Fantasy Football? Have you seen other people’s draft leagues and wish you’d given it a go? Are you already in a draft league on the Official FPL website and wish you had used another site? Don’t worry! You don’t have to wait until next season. You can start your draft league now!

By starting your Draft league now you get to enjoy a full 9 months of Fantasy Football fun and you won’t be starting behind anybody else. Because Draft fantasy football is played in mini leagues when you set up a new league everybody will start on zero points and there will be a completely level playing field.

Starting your league now gives you the advantage of having seen the Premier League teams play. You have a much better idea of lineups and formations and you won’t have to guess whether Mo Salah will fit in at Liverpool or if Lukaku can score goals for Man Utd. Starting now you’re more informed and can pick a better team that will win you more points.

Another advantage of starting your league now is the transfer window closing on August 31st. You can fill your team with all the major signings and you don’t have to worry about Coutinho being sold to Barcelona. You know exactly which player is playing for which club this season and that means you can pick your team safe in the knowledge they won’t change clubs.

Starting your league now means you have only missed 3 Gameweeks. There are still 35 Gameweeks left which is 9 months worth of Fantasy Football for you to play. Don’t waste the next 9 months wishing you had got involved!

Gameweek 4 starts on 9th September so that gives you plenty of time to prepare for your draft, think about players or arrange a Draft Party! Why not get everyone together and have a face to face offline draft to spice up the International Break? It’s a great way to celebrate joining a draft league and enjoying this season’s Premier League football.

To make it even better our friends at are offering HALF PRICE draft fantasy football for EVERY MEMBER of your mini league. That’s a full 35 Gameweeks for HALF THE PRICE of 38!

RealFF leagues offer all the features you’d expect from an leading draft fantasy website, including customised scoring options, live scoring so you can see your teams points in play and the ability to draft online or offline. With all this available right now at half price there really is no excuse to miss out on Draft fantasy football this season!

To set up or join a draft league head over to now and use our exclusive promotional code draftboss to get our amazing HALF PRICE offer. Don’t hesitate! Start your draft league today!


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