FPL Robinson’s GW6 Streaming Tips

I was listening to the superb On the Continent podcast from The Football Ramble when an advert for Roald Dahl’s adult short stories came on and it reminded me of the differences between the normal salary cap Fantasy game and the draft leagues I’m in.

Dahl’s adult short stories were a dark world where men bet to win strangers fingers, or a housewife kills her husband with a leg of lamb and then feeds the lamb to the policeman. Slightly different to his more commonly known children’s stories!

GW5 was a prime example of the dark world that the draft game can become. In early August when I somehow got Kane in two teams despite not having the 1st pick in ether draft I was as smug as Charlie in the Chocolate Factory, by the time he blanked for the 4th week in 5 I felt like Tobias Funke in the shower.

Now many of you will be in the same boat and probably experienced a similar thing with your original team too. Anyone with Kane in the normal game can now simply sell Kane buy Aguero and look forward to next week. What do we do in draft league? If you’re playing the Draft Fantasy game you can offer him in trades, but do you want to lose Kane for the season? If you’re playing the Official game the option of a trade isn’t open either.

The other dark side to the draft game is if you have Kane the likelihood is that Lukaku, Jesus, Aguero were all owned by your rivals too. The draft game is a tough one to handle sometimes – assuming you take the game as seriously as I do! – but like a great game of chess or a cricket test match the enjoyment is a slow burner and it will be worth it soon. Especially if you embrace the challenge and try and work your way through the game, use the waivers correctly and stream properly.

The satisfaction will be so much more when you finally get the rewards, instead of the instant gratification of the normal game – not got Aguero? Buy him. Kane off form – Ill sell him and buy back soon. That’s the children’s game, the Fantastic Mr Fox to the Draft games’ Lamb to the Slaughter. Stick with the draft game, the rewards and bragging rights are just around the corner. Honestly.

A few weeks ago I wrote an article about streaming which some of you have hopefully seen a benefit from. (You can read it here)

The picks I highlighted did very well in GW4 or MW4 if you want to use the Official FPL twitter accounts terminology!

GW4 saw the tactic “pick on Palace” work well as 

Mee 6pts
Brady 2pts
Wood 9pts

saw Burnley to a win and an average of 5.67 per player – not bad for free agent pick ups!

GW 5 saw a slight dip with 

Clark 1pt
Atsu 9pts
Rodriguez 2pts

at an average of 4 points per player in a tricky week for streaming. Only Depoitre for Huddersfield was a likely pickup for Forwards and if you picked him after 7 minutes of action all season well done!

The GW6 tips I made a few weeks ago were Markus Suttner, Richarlison and Wilfried Bony which still look decent picks but if you will allow me a Boris Johnson flip flopping moment I would probably check on Bony this week as his fitness and Swansea’s form look an issue. Paul Clement has said this week he is fit to play and “ready to light up the league”, he also played 81 minutes in midweek. If Bony’s availability remains a concern going back to Wood (HUD H) looks a good option again, other than that slim pickings in 3rd strikers again.

Bournemouth’s early season form might have seen King dropped back into free agency and if he has get him snapped up, his underlying stats are good, Bournemouth are off the mark now and are playing an Everton side which look bereft of confidence and have a distinct lack of pace which could play to Bournemouth’s strengths.

See below for a reminder of the original picks for GW6

DEFENDER: Suttner, Brighton. (Newcastle H)

MIDFIELDER: Richarlison, Watford. (Swansea A)

FORWARD: Bony, Swansea. (Watford H)


It is also Gameweek 2 in Draft Fantasy’s Champions League game next midweek.

Here are some possible pick-ups for next Tuesday and Wednesday’s games

DEFENDER: Juan Jesus, Roma. (Qarabag A)

MIDFIELDER: Joaquin Correa, Sevilla. (Maribor H)

FORWARD: Lorenzo Insigne, Napoli. (Feyenoord H)

Good luck in GW6 and GW2 and let us know your best free agency pick-ups on @fpldraftboss


Draft Fantasy’s Champions League Draft game is found at https://ucl.draftfantasyfootball.co.uk/.


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