Curb Your Enthusiasm!

In The Night Garden, sleep suit, milk, story. Same time every night at 7pm we go through that routine to get our 13 month to sleep. Always works apart from Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings when my girlfriend is teaching yoga. Will he sleep after that routine then? Sometimes, maybe. Often though it’s chaos, so what do I do, keep persevering, be patient and go through the routine I know that works or do I take the easy option and give up and let him stay up, walk around the sitting room playing, whilst I watch the new series of Curb Your Enthusiasm?

It’s too easy in the FPL games to go on tilt and go out of your way to do something outrageous to feel good in the short term to the long term detriment of your team. You only need to look at @FPLDraftDon‘s Lemmings Watch (coming to a TV channel near you soon) for a prime example of this. If you’ve got good strategies in place over time they will come good for you.

In GW6 I was second in my draft league but only just and over 50 points behind top. I had no Manchester United “coverage” and my only City coverage was Bernardo Silva. Top of the league had 6 United players and Morata. I was already WhatsApping the group to try and change the winner takes all prize fund. A week later, a Kane double, a Morata blank and hamstring injury and now the lead at the top is down to 7 points I can see the summit again. On top of that Aguero has been released into the pool after a premature waiver by 3rd in the league, in return for Giroud!

That coupled with a 1.3million rise in the regular game has seen me go into the international break with a reassuring run of form and some belief in my methods in the long term.

There are a lot of different strategies out there but once you pick one you believe will be successful hopefully you have picked this strategy with some logic behind it. Allow the logic to kick in. Football is a game of hundreds of variables and consequently any patterns developing might hit an anomaly. It’s fair enough to be flexible but some transfers and waivers in the game this season have shown less patience than Donald Trump on Twitter.

Use the international break to make clear your thoughts, plans and ideas and let them play out. Do not be too hasty in abandoning them.

And if they don’t work straight away don’t worry, he will fall asleep eventually.

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