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We’re nearly there. If you’re anything like me you’ll have spent the majority of the last two weeks filling the massive void left by the FPL by throwing out numerous exciting/far-fetched trades to every other member of your mini-league. If you’re also anything like me you’ll have quickly cancelled the majority of your trades when realising they are probably a little one-sided (insulting) or even when realising giving away your best assets because it “seemed like a good idea at the time” is probably not the best strategy to adopt in the long term.

The international break certainly hasn’t passed without incident with an injury list as long as Crystal Palace’s losing streak welcoming FPL managers back from their enforced break. It’s always time to trade in my opinion, mainly because it’s fun, but also from a strategy perspective as managers look to freshen up their rosters with new enthusiasm.
Here are just a few of the names to target to give your dream team that extra advantage or your struggling misfits a much needed lift.

Marcos Alonso
Probably a surprise name in this list, or an incredibly obvious choice depending on how you look at it. Of course you’d want to own Marcos Alonso.

A surprisingly successful first season in Chelsea blue after being plucked from relative obscurity from Fiorentina saw the Spaniard rocket to the top of the Togga defender rankings by some margin, outscoring his closest rival by 2.5 points per match on average. Six goals and three assists from his advanced full back role is an invaluable contribution from a FPL defender. This saw Alonso drafted in first 30 in most Togga leagues in the summer, an incredibly early stage to take a defender.
But why would an Alonso owner want to part with one of their prized assets? He’s already bagged twice this season and is the 9th highest scoring defender with an average of 11.61.
That’s because his average is deceptive. A bumper score of 28.5 in a two goal, match winning performance makes his score look a little better than his overall contribution suggests. In the last three matches he’s averaged a very modest 6.66 points per match and from his advanced role has only created five chances this year, compared to the 11 created by West Ham’s Aaron Cresswell.
Enough to unsettle an Alonso owner? Maybe. It’s a lot of stock to hold in a defender and recent performances may indicate his influence is fading. As an Alonso owner myself, the constant talk of Alex Sandro arriving in January is also incredibly irritating and a little disconcerting.
If Alonso is still the force of last season, he will almost certainly show it in the next few weeks. Chelsea’s next home game against Watford is sandwiched in between straightforward looking trips to Crystal Palace and Bournemouth and the Chelsea man should be licking his lips at the prospect of maximising his offensive contribution.
If he achieves what is expected of him in the coming weeks, there’s no chance an Alonso owner is going to part with him, meaning now is the time to swoop.

Despite his recent flaws, Marcos Alonso is still an elite defender and will guarantee numerous decent returns. This is merely a window of opportunity. With Danny Rose on his way back, is it time to cash in on Ben Davies? If not, a Second Midfielder like Riyad Mahrez is the absolute minimum that you should consider offering.

Let’s get straight to the point: Benjamin Mendy’s injury is the only reason we are even discussing Danilo. Mendy was all set to take Alonso’s title as the best attacking full-back in the Premier League when his awful luck struck.
As the news of the injury’s severity spread, there will, no doubt, have been a small waiver wire battle to claim Danilo. Either that or his long-term owner who had kept hold of him (for some reason) was suddenly very smug and would have taken great joy in putting him straight back into the starting 11 for the trip to Chelsea. Of course, Fabian Delph got the nod, making all of the previous points academic.
To many people’s surprise (and a lot of Danilo owner’s dismay), Delph actually did really well. Of course he did.
Why is Danilo someone to target then? What if Delph has made the role his own?
In short, he hasn’t. As much as Pep loves to wind up FPL managers and spring tactical surprises (with annoying success), I find it impossible to believe that City would spend £26.5 million on a defender and not play him at all, especially when the player ahead of him is out long term. It doesn’t make sense.
Danilo played in the full back spot while Mendy regained his fitness at the start of the season and Kyle Walker served his suspension. And he did it well, grabbing an assist (admittedly from right back) in the win at Bournemouth. He was also the direct substitution for Mendy when the injury struck which is another promising sign.
Following Delph’s surprise inclusion at Stamford Bridge, you should be able to get Danilo without giving up a lot. Manager’s who gambled on him may already have lost faith in him as Mendy’s replacement. There’s absolutely no guarantee that Danilo is a regular starter for City but any appearance in a generous run of fixtures (home games against Stoke City and Burnley followed by a trip to West Brom) should yield a good return. A mid-low range midfielder should seal it.

Nathan Redmond
Advanced scoring fantasy football was created for players like Nathan Redmond. He does it all. His blistering pace leads to easy points via take ons while his final delivery is often to a good standard and he also isn’t afraid to take a shot.
Redmond has already created 15 chances this season (that’s worth 30 points alone in Togga) which is the same as Dele Alli and only one less than serial assister Christian Eriksen. He’s also completed 14 take ons and hit six shots on target in the first seven weeks of the season, filling up his stats sheet nicely.
The reason Redmond isn’t up their rubbing shoulders with the elite midfielders in Fantasy Football is simple: 0 goals, only 1 assist. Mauricio Pellegrino’s appointment at Southampton is yet to revitalise a lacklustre attack with a less than impressive five goals being scored, three of them in the win against West Ham.
Surely it can’t last. The return of Charlie Austin can’t be far away and with a striker in front of him that actually moves and can even shoot, Redmond’s assist column should start to look a lot brighter.
Seven goals in 37 appearances last season suggests he’s due one himself soon and fixtures against Newcastle, West Brom and Brighton should provide him with a chance or two.
With a lacklustre England World Cup squad to break in to, I’m expecting big things from Nathan Redmond for the rest of this season.
Be it his own fault or not, Redmond has only produced the goods once the season in the form of an assist, meaning his price should still be quite reasonable. An over-performing midfielder like Aaron Mooy or Aaron Ramsey (doesn’t have to be called Aaron) might do it. May even be worth stretching to Matt Ritchie/Leroy Sane (due to lack of guaranteed minutes) but that’d be my absolute max.

Mesut Ozil
I love Mesut Ozil. As an avid FPL player, there’s not many teams I’ve had where I haven’t owned him. He’s fantasy gold but, once again, he’s currently doing a Mesut Ozil.
His languid style has become more exaggerated so far this campaign and he’s done more talking off the pitch than running on it. And he’s also suffered from “knee inflammation”, whatever that is. I don’t doubt that it’s painful but I’ve definitely played through worse on a Saturday morning for a lot less money.
Sadly, I don’t own Ozil this season, but if I did I would be absolutely livid. If you do own him, you’ll have no doubt used a top 15 pick to get him, possibly even your first round pick (if you’re an Arsenal fan). For that investment, a score of 40.5 at an average of 8.1 per match is completely unacceptable.
In fact, he’s sandwiched in between Ruben Loftus-Cheek and Leroy Fer in Togga’s midfield rankings right now. What a place to be. No goals, no assists and as many yellow cards as shots on target (1) this season are the reason behind that.
This is exactly why you should go and get him. Right now.
Ozil owners will be fuming but if the rest of their team has pulled together and had a good start they may even see the German playmaker as expendable. If this is the case, it’s a no brainer. Negotiate. Throw everything you’ve got at the other manager to try and acquire him.
The guy is fantasy gold dust. Fourteen goals and 29 assists in the last two seasons is ludicrous (not bad for an invisible man). Right now he could be available for pittance.
In my league he was sold for Willian and Antonio Valencia. Absolute steal!
If you haven’t already got the message, go and get Mesut. Now.

This largely depends on the owner but his price won’t get any lower than it is now with fixtures against Watford, Everton and Swansea coming up. As previously mentioned, it could be time to cash in on Ben Davies. If you can trade in Davies and a mid range midfielder, I still feel you’ve got yourself a bargain. Oh Mesut…

Jese Rodriguez
This one is the definition of a flyer. A big gamble that could pay dividends with a bit of luck.
For 71 minutes, the latest Galactico to pull on a Stoke-alona shirt tore the Premier League to shreds. Well, Arsenal.
Jese Rodriguez had a debut to remember, scoring in a virtuoso performance which also included three chances created and three successful take ons and an impressive Togga haul of 22.5. Stoke fans thought they had a gem; a real pocket rocket with blistering pace and trickery to match their hero Xherdan Shaqiri. Unfortunately for them, it’s looking like Bojan part two.
Since then he’s just…well…flopped really. He quickly followed his masterclass with an invisible display (see previous player profile) against West Brom and it’s gradually got worse for him, culminating in a showing against Chelsea worth half a Togga point.
Why is he worth even considering trading for then? Quite simply, that first display against Arsenal. He was so good that surely it can’t just have been a one off.
Jese has scored 6.5 points in four matches, meaning owners of his may even be thinking of throwing him back on to the waiver wire, and nobody would blame them. If that’s looking likely then it may be worth waiting for it, but rather than leaving it to chance, why not throw in one of your own players that you deem expendable?
No one in their right mind is starting Jese this week anyway (away at Man City) but after the trip to the Etihad he has a very friendly run of fixtures all the way up to GW14, starting with Bournemouth at home in GW9.
If Jese can produce that debut magic again, even if it’s once every three weeks, you’ve got yourself a potential bargain.

I concluded my own trade today, giving away Junior Stanlislas and Kelechi Iheanacho in return for Jese and Matteo Darmian (who will be dropped to make room for a Goalkeeper as I didn’t bother keeping one over the internationals). I’m happy with the deal as they’re both players I don’t need due to owning a midfield of Eriksen, Coutinho, Ritchie, Gross and Matt Phillips and six (yes, six) strikers, but in some ways I think I’ve overpaid. My advice would be to see where your opponent is weak and offer players in that position (just any player really) and see what happens.

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