Corruption. Scandals. Shaved heads. Viktor Fischer-Gate. Welcome to @TheDraftTweets

New to Twitter, @TheDraftTweets is the hilarious account of some guys who take FPL very seriously and have a lot of fun at the same time. From disputed transfers to Cup draws streamed live on the internet it’s the true story of what being in a mini league is all about. FPL Draft Boss asked League Commissioner Tom Shorrocks for the lowdown.

Draft fantasy football got my attention a few of years ago. When the new season was approaching, I was receiving invites to new leagues like I have done year after year. It always ends up the same old story. Everyone has the same players and it just becomes boring very quickly.

I wanted something different. Being familiar with the format of NFL fantasy, I wondered whether there was something similar for the Premier League. After a bit of research I found a very basic website (which has now actually shut down) that looked like it could do the job. So, I rounded up 7 mates and it sparked their interest. Our league “The Draft” as we call it, was born. It took some getting used to. The rules are very different to traditional fantasy football and the first season was very much a trial in some ways to see how it went. All in all, it was a success, we are now in our 4th season and I guess you could say we have stepped things up a notch.


Firstly, we our now using as our website. We have been impressed up to now. It is very interactive and is updated almost instantly. It also has an Android app which is handy.

As for our league, we now have 10 managers involved. Whilst we are playing for bragging rights mainly, there is also money at stake which meant a rule book was written to ensure no cheating took place. Everyone was made to sign the rule book for taking part in the draft. Kind of like a contract.

Last season, we had a slight issue where one manager picked Viktor Fischer of Middlesbrough during the draft. He claimed he was a midfielder. Fantrax had him down as a striker. The manager threatened to walk out when I said he couldn’t have him as a midfielder. It all got a bit heated but Viktor Fischer-Gate often gets brought up in our WhatsApp group as a result. A lot goes on in that WhatsApp group. We’ve had a live sacking of a manager and one manager shaved his head because he couldn’t handle the pressure. Anyway, we needed clear rules and a rule book that everyone signed seemed the only way.


Draft Night is one of the highlights. This season we hooked my laptop up to a projector so everyone could see all the players that had been picked etc. We had one manager Skyping from Australia at 4am to take part. Serious commitment! Another travels down from Scotland to North Wales every year! We’ve had a few situations where managers have turned up unprepared or have decided to have a few too many beers throughout the night, which may well have hindered their thought process!


Not only do we compete in the league, we also have 2 cup competitions throughout the season, as well as manager of the month awards and a few other things, so there is always plenty to play for. We’ve decided to expand to two leagues of 8 next year as well. The bottom two managers will be relegated at the end of the season. The Draft life is harsh!

We have found Draft Fantasy Football to be a brilliant experience. To sum it up: when all you need to win your game week is Matty Phillips of West Brom (a solid starter for the last 12 months) to get through 60 minutes unscathed and Tony Pulis decides to leave him on the bench, it cuts deep. It’s been two weeks since that happened and it still hurts.

We have just launched a Twitter account, give us a follow @TheDraftTweets

And give draft fantasy football a go. You won’t regret it.

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