Avoid the Christmas carnage!

“Shall we go to Christmas Lights switch on Saturday and the Fireworks on Sunday?”

“Both?! Erm, ok”
Vardy blanks against Stoke, not a great start to the weekend ah well with Gross against Swansea and Southampton and Huddersfield defenders playing Burnley and West Brom it could still be a good Saturday.
“The lights are on at half 7, the fireworks are on at half 8 so shall we set off at half 5?”
Lowe benched. Christ, hopefully Carroll can do something as autosub. Did she say half 5?
Brighton goal! Gross scored? Oh Murray, Gross assist then? Oh.
If we set off at half 5 I’ll miss the Liverpool game. Only got Salah in draft, no one in regular. West Ham need a win I won’t miss much. Huddersfield clean sheet, Southampton conceded, what a myth their defence is. Maybe Ward with his 6 will get autosubbed in too? Ah Lowe played 11 minutes.
“Shall we get ready and go?”
“What time are the lights on?”
“Half 7 or half 8 not sure”
Cold isn’t it, oh and now it’s raining, wonder what Liverpool score is?
“Who’s this performing?”
“Yes Lad”
“They were on X Factor”

25 WhatsApp’s what’s going on here? Salah 2-0 after 25 minutes. 3 of them have captained Salah! Ah well Kane will equal that tomorrow.
“Don’t you remember them?
“Yes Lad”
“Never heard of them”
“Shall we move closer for Pixie Lott?”

Wonder if Salah will get another one? Kane will score tomorrow though won’t he? That rains not stopping.
“When are the lights on?”
“Stop asking, this is fun anyway isn’t it ?”

53 WhatsApp’s now what? 4-1, Salah 2. On 8 points after Saturday night! Kane will score tomorrow won’t he?
“What time are the lights on?”

What a waste of time firework displays are and what a waste of time FPL was in GW11! Great time for a two week break scouting for Draft Fantasy’s 2018 World Cup game. Remember after the break there’s 11 gameweeks between November 18 and New Years Day. Here’s some tips to help navigate the festive period.

Be aware of the deadlines.
GW12 Nov 18
GW 13 Nov 24
GW 14 Nov 28
GW15 Dec 2
GW 16 Dec 9
GW 17 Dec 12
GW 18 Dec 16
GW 19 Dec 22
GW 20 Dec 26
GW 21 Dec 30
GW 22 Jan 1

Set your team a week in advance
When you check your weekly scores set your team then, then at least you’ve organised it in case you do forget, plus it will start planting seeds about who to look out for in the current week (also set your captain in normal FPL)

Make sure your bench is strong
You will need autosubs in this period, you need 4 players on the bench who are regular starters and at least a couple capable of contributing more than appearance points

Use free agency to stream!
Streaming will be incredibly important in this run of fixtures, pick out players who are in form and are playing regularly

Don’t worry about the Guardiola Tombola
The top sides also have European and League Cup matches in this run. Make sure your team isn’t reliant on two big names – nothing will ruin the Boxing Day buffet more than Kane and Salah both being benched resulting in 24 points. In terms of Man City, just don’t even bother guessing what will happen. Put as many City players in your team as you can and see what happens. If you want to spend December second guessing Pep then that’s up to you but you may need to stock up on some extra alcohol.

FPL is for the season not just for Christmas
Plan ahead, stream and transfer your way through this period but remember in draft once you lose a top player you won’t get them back. If Lukaku plays once in 4 matches, shrug your shoulders, get the auto sub in and move on. Rage trading a top player may feel good over Christmas but come the less congested periods you will regret it.

Form might just be for Christmas!                                            Some players and teams will play themselves into form over Christmas and vice versa so make sure you keep across as much football as you can. A team or player you thought was out of form could suddenly win 3 matches in 6 days and all of a sudden have momentum meaning their players are worth a look all of a sudden and picking players against that team might need to be avoided. An example might be Crystal Palace v Manchester City on New Years Eve. This looks a great fixture currently but if Palace have picked up some good results in matches against Leicester, Swansea and Arsenal in the 10 days prior you might want to be wary.


For now enjoy the international break, the rate players are dropping out of the England Squad some of you may get a game against Brazil!

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