Bite the bullet and buy a ticket to the Guardiola Tombola

In a previous article I advised on not worrying about the Guardiola rotation in the busy period running up to Christmas.

Between November 18 and New Years Day the runaway leaders have 11 Premier League matches alongside 2 Champions League dead rubbers and a League Cup Quarter Final. This has sparked fears that the Guardiola Tombola will be in overdrive.

The solution? Don’t worry about it.

The rotation is inevitable, often unpredictable – evidenced when Aguero started both Napoli away and Arsenal at home in consecutive games while Jesus was a sub – so it’s not worth worrying about.

A lot of the fears are coming from people thinking about the regular FPL game, mainly due to the fear of captaining a player who will be benched. In the draft game we don’t need to worry about that. As long as you have a strong bench you don’t need to worry about your City player missing out, also most City players are capable of explosive hauls so even if they get a 0 or 1 in one gameweek they are liable to get a 15 the week after. And due to the high scoring walkovers they end up in even subbed on players are still filling their boots.

Manchester City stats GW1-11

20 individual scores of 10+
27 individual scores of 9+
7 goals or assists by substitutes
6 players started every game
13 players with a goal or assist
6 Clean Sheets

Manchester City fixtures GW12-22
Leicester A, Huddersfield A, Southampton H, West Ham H, Manchester United A, Swansea A, Tottenham H, Bournemouth H, Newcastle A, Crystal Palace A, Watford H.

The answer to the Guardiola panic is to not worry, look at those fixtures, cram as many City players you can get in, handcuff them if possible, stream a good bench and take the odd rough with the very smooth.

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