Same name, different game.

Every advert break (well the ones we can’t fast forward through) at the minute seems to feature solo songs by One Direction members. One called Sign of the Times, one called Slow Hands. Now as anyone who has heard far superior songs with the same name by Prince and Interpol will tell you just because things are named the same it doesn’t mean they are the same.

Many of us are playing the official Premier Leagues draft game but in its current state there are unarguably better options out there. Fellow free to play providers Draft Fantasy, Fantrax and Togga are experienced experts in the draft field and at the minute the official site is lagging behind in getting the most out of the draft experience.


The biggest advantage the official game has is it’s ubiquity and its regular game running parallel to it. This will have drawn many first time draft players to the site this season, for example I tried to get a draft league running at work for the 16/17 season and couldn’t get the interest, a season later with the official site offering a game we had 9 of us ready to play.

Now before we go into the weaknesses of the official game it has to be said it is the most aesthetically pleasing of the main fantasy games, but looking good and being everywhere isn’t necessarily a sign of quality – ask Nicole Sherzinger.

The biggest drawback to the official draft game is the lack of trading options. Trading is the lifeblood of a good draft league and a good WhatsApp chat.

One supposed drawback is collusion where teams who are struggling towards the end of the season trade away star players to a team at the top to split a prize. But given most draft leagues don’t have casuals playing this seems a small issue.


My Official draft game has a manager who is fed up of Jesus and Firmino in his front 2 whilst I’m streaming 2 strikers per week (I started with Kane, Rodriguez and Mounie). If we were playing on Togga, Fantrax or Draft Fantasy we could organise a trade between us that would benefit us both but the official game means people are holding onto underperforming stars just to avoid them going back into the pot. A trade option provides a test of managers skill throughout the season and provides more interactivity through the season.

If you believe that this upside is outweighed by possible collusion options you probably believed Priti Patel when she said she was only on holiday.


Another flaw is the waiver system, the waiver order resets every week with the team at the bottom of the league receiving first pick. On other sites the waiver order rotates through the league week by week thus not rewarding bad managers.

A less essential feature but an interesting one lacking in the official version is the ability to have flexible squads. You can choose to have more than 3 forwards, load up on 6 midfielders or for the defensive 5-3-2 lovers pick 6 defenders. This is useful if you want to rotate a pair of 3rd strikers rather than streaming in free agency.


Both Togga and Draft Fantasy have iPhone & Android apps and new leagues can be started at any time during the season so if you have got a taste of draft leagues for the first time through the official game why not try these other platforms as a test for next year? Draft Fantasy are also offering a Champions League game and a World Cup game. Playing any of those will give a great taste of different and better platforms than the official site and could give a better option for next season. Especially given the official site is as likely to stop offering its game as it is to improve it, remember Ultimate FPL?

So why not test the better platforms and let us know which you prefer?

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