FPL Draft Tips: FPL Robinson’s Streaming Tips Gameweek 15

A few weeks ago I wrote about there being too much information available. On a similar theme in the last week there have been instances of seemingly reputable sources providing information that needs further investigation. Now as discerning readers of this site you are of course too clever too listen to bad advice! But a few Saturday’s ago Jeff Stelling went on a rant that went viral about xG (expected goals) “the most useless stat in the history of football” is how he described it. Now xG is still a developing source of information and may still not be at its peak. But for a man who reels out figures that Burnley haven’t won at Anfield for 100 years as if it had any relevance to games today, to so bluntly disregard the xG statistic is alarming.

Now many of you may love Soccer Saturday, many of you may feel it is reminiscent of Morrissey’s career – a slide from witty, amazing and relevant to flabby, rehashing the same ideas and with undertones of hard Brexit, but either way it is still one of the most important football shows on television, and it’s sneering at knowledge gathering is not to be admitted. This was in the same week the official Premier League fantasy scout said that Willian was a great pick in a draft midfield (1 goal, 2 assists, 1 bonus point) and tipped Callum Wilson as a 3rd striker pick the week AFTER his hat trick. Now you may be expecting this to be a shameless reminder we tipped him the week of his hat trick…..and you’d be right!

But the more serious point is to make sure that any fantasy football information you read you think through yourself instead of blindly following it. The excellent @fpldraftdon wrote a great piece about picking players after blanks or after returns. My first reaction to that was that I didn’t agree with it but the numbers are there and it has really made me think about when and if to jump on bandwagons – especially this season which has so many big name bandwagons in the standard FPL game.

So in the spirit of providing full information, see below for stats for the streaming picks this season.

Average points per pick per player: 4.17
% returns of all picks: 50%

Average points per pick per Defender: 4.2
% returns from defender picks: 60%

Average points per pick per Midfielder: 3.9
% returns from midfielder picks: 50%

Average points per pick per Forward: 4.4
% returns from forward picks: 40%
*stats only include Premier League tips, (Champions League tips 6.0 per player not included)

Average also includes a 7 point swing from Lanzini missing a penalty on Wednesday night! Let’s hope this weeks tips fare better

Defender: Davide Zappacosta, Chelsea (NEW H) Zappacosta’s introduction to the starting 11 has resulted in 4 clean sheets in 5 and the visit of Newcastle is unlikely to trouble this run.

Midfielder: Matt Phillips, WBA (CRY H)
Matt Phillips is showing glimpses of the form that made him a FPL favourite last season and the visit of Crystal Palace provides a chance to build on the assist in midweek.
*Phillips is flagged 75% currently so look out for news on his injury, if he is confirmed as out Gylfi Sigursson looks to be coming back to a bit of form and maybe available in many leagues.
** Please take the FPL flags with a pinch of salt. One manager in my draft league benched Ozil as he was on 25% for the Huddersfield game. The 4 minute blitz which provided 1 goal 2 assists and 3 bonus points also provided chaos in the whatsapp group. I would print the messages but this is a respectable site!

Forward: Dominic Calvert-Lewin, Everton (HUD H) Huddersfield’s mean defence seems to be a thing of the past and while Big Sam is hardly know for nurturing youth he is nothing but pragmatic and will recognise the need for speed in the Everton side. DLC was denied an assist by Rooney’s missed penalty in midweek and looks good value to add to his growing reputation this weekend.

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