Have I Got Team News For You?

As the midweek fixtures showed rotation is going to be a killer this festive period.

If you’re anything like me your match day build up consists of refreshing Twitter to see the team news as soon as it comes out. For a Fantasy Football manager you need to see if your captains playing, have you got a full 11 playing, are your mad differential / waiver picks playing and just what has Guardiola done now?

Some of the clubs go to town on their team announcements some need improvement, so see below for the league table of twitter team news.

The table is based on clarity of team news, is it easy to see if your players are playing and is it obvious which game it’s for or is it easy to retweet a team from 4 months ago that someone has shared to trick you.

Where does your team rank? Disagree with the table? Do your own rankings in the comments!

20. Leicester City
No names. What does Andy King look like? 2 changes from last week, who played last week though? Who are they playing?


19. Tottenham Hotspur
See Leicester. No names, is that Kane playing or is that Alderweireld? Only avoids bottom spot as opponents badge is also displayed


18. Huddersfield
Unlucky to be relegated. Pictures, names, date, opponents all there. But why are the team in squad number order? A modern curse. Has Mooy been dropped or is he playing centre back?


17. Everton
Escaping relegation on the last day of the season. A curious unique mix of two seperate parts. Picture layout separate to written down player names. A mix of separate parts that don’t blend together well? Steve Walsh and Koeman must do the social media too.
Sam Allardyce will be on beIN sports tomorrow to complain that there is no pathway for British graphic designers.


16. Stoke
Small font, small pictures. Not enough fixture information. Used to have strong effective if unpretty font neither nowt nor summat. Lionel Messi can’t read this team news on a Tuesday night.


15. Newcastle United
Does enough. All the information is there, nagging feeling with a bit more money spent on it it could be a big graphic design team again.


14. Bournemouth
Pretty, almost too pretty. Still needs a bit more substance and to be clearer and more efficient.


13. Swansea
Mid table safety secured by strong, clear team news. A push for Europe let down by lack of team names.


12. Brighton
Lovely font, lovely colours. But who are they playing? And when? Is Gross playing or has someone just retweeted a tweet from August?


11. Crystal Palace
Great attempt, strong team news, decent fixture information. But what is that message? “We’ve been waiting for you” the twitter team sheet isn’t a place to comment on the management hiring strategy.


10. Chelsea
Landscape layout for written team news on side. Easy to work out who’s playing but this will be retweeted on Boxing Day when everyone is worrying if Hazard is playing at home to Brighton


9. Liverpool
Team list is there, fixture info is all there, every ingredient is there but still feels like it needs more. Next years twitter team sheet will be the best though. Honest.


8. West Ham United
Could be higher up. David Moyes thinks the fault in this 8th place finish is Alex Ferguson’s fault, or foreign managers, or Sunderland’s board. Also told the graphic design team how Phil Jagielka would have designed it.


7. Manchester City
Relegation fodder a few seasons ago when their twitter graphic didn’t have names just squad numbers. Thankfully a new Spanish graphic design messiah has got things on the up. Stan Collymore has seen all this before.


6. West Brom
Lack of fixture information costs West Brom a Champions League spot. Great font and colours. Will drop down the league next year as they stop tweeting at 40 characters.


5. Arsenal
Lose out on a Champions League spot on the last day. Who are they playing? Great font, formation layout and colours . Ivan Gazidis will improve this next year. If Wenger lets him.


4. Southampton
Team news, formation, pictures, bit of fixture information all in the layout sneaks Southampton into the top 4. Liverpool have bought the graphic designer and the computers for 89 million.


3. Manchester United
Simple and effective gets the job done. Lacks a bit of flair. United fans will tell you over and over again that the Twitter graphics were better in Ferguson’s day but they were actually fairly similar.


2. Burnley
Pipped to the title on the last day. Lovely font, design, formation, names, fixture and pictures, loses the title as it also looks like the liner notes for a Coldplay album.


1. Watford
Black on yellow. Great font. All information regarding team and fixture is there. Wins the title on the last day as it looks like it could be the back of a lost Smiths album. Paul Merson and Phil Thompson think it’s a disgrace, anyone could design this twitter team sheet, what do they know about designing these team sheets in England?


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