Champions League Draw Reaction: Time to trade Neymar?

Champions League last 16 draw

Manchester City v Basel
Manchester United v Sevilla
Tottenham v Juventus
Chelsea v Barcelona
Liverpool v Porto
PSG v Real Madrid
Bayern Munich v Besiktas
Roma v Shakhtar
*bookmakers favourites in bold.

So I realise we are in the middle of a mass of FPL fixtures but the Champions League is back in February and the draw is a cracker.

Now its hard to estimate the form of sides months in advance but we need to try getting players in our team who will qualify making it easier to not use transfers and scramble about for picks inbetween knockout games.

The 3 best games for Champions League fantasy football are the Telegraph, the official UEFA one and Draft Fantasy.

The Telegraph and UEFA games now have a unlimited wildcard until the Knockout round start. We then get transfers inbetween rounds. But we don’t want to waste transfers just replacing knocked out players.

Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool and Bayern look the four most likely sides to qualify, with the other 4 ties a bit more in the balance. Try and get those teams well represented in your teams. Barcelona and Real Madrid have tricky ties but Ronaldo and Messi are fixture proof so don’t worry about getting those players in. Remember in the Telegraph game you can make transfers in between games so it is possible to have 2 star players alternating with the same funds.

The draft game is trickier of course. The first thing to do is make sure you have a full squad still in the tournament! As mentioned for the other games the star players are mainly fixture proof but if you are lagging behind in your leagues now might be the time to get creative with your trades. I.e. One of Neymar, Mbappe, Cavani or Ronaldo are going out. Do you want to trade now for a Jesus, Firmino, De Gea or wait to get them knocked out and then have to trawl the waiver pool?

Suggestions to trade away to make up points:
Neymar v Real
Hazard v Barcelona
Dybala v Spurs

The presence of 5 English teams makes it easier to pick players and as in the FPL games City and Liverpool attackers combined with a United defence will be as effective in the Champions League game as in FPL.

There is a long way to go yet and we will do more detailed pieces nearer to February but see below for predicted winners of ties and best player to pick

Manchester City (de Bruyne)
Manchester United (de Gea)
Tottenham (Kane)
Barcelona (can’t think of the forwards name, little unknown Argentinian I’ll research his name and get back to you)
Liverpool (Salah)
Real Madrid (Ronaldo) *PSG still look suspect defensively and liable to bottle the big games
Bayern Munich (Tolisso)
Shakhtar (Bernard)

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