One of the best Draft format mini leagues is expanding for next season. FPL Draft Boss spoke to League Commisioner Tom Shorrocks from @TheDraftTweets

@TheDraftTweets is one of my favourite Twitter accounts. It’s an absolutely hilarious example of just how great a Fantasy Football mini league can be. With news of the League expanding to offer 2 divisions with promotion & relegation from next season applications to join the join the fun are flying in from managers everywhere. FPL Draft Boss took the opportunity to catch up with League Commisioner Tom Shorrocks for a mid season review and insight into the process of expansion.

At the halfway stage, one thing is certain: Yes We Emre Can & Team Thomas will be relegated. The table says it all below.


There is no doubt we have always taken The Draft very seriously, but the stakes are higher this season (with the bottom 2 being relegated) so it is a lot of fun to see who is feeling the tension. I think most managers would settle for 8th place come May, although FC Barkalona would call that a disgrace, stating we have no ambition. As I am currently sitting in 8th place (a false position, obviously), I am making the most of dishing it out to the two teams below me.

Despite tensions running high, it hasn’t stopped some big transfers taking place. Kroos Control are usually in the thick of it. FC Barkalona likes to offer Son & Willian out to managers on a weekly basis… No joy yet. Having said that, here are some deals that have taken place:

Lacazette 🔁 Richarlison, Kolasinac, Rondon, Choupo-Moting (GW 17)

Sane 🔁 Alli, Fernandinho (GW 16)

Rooney, Ince 🔁 Shaqiri (GW 17)

Vardy 🔁 Loftus-Cheek, Tadic, Wilson (GW 14)

Groß 🔁 King (GW 12)

Smalling, Alonso, Sigurdsson, Simpson 🔁 Sanchez (GW 12)

Abraham 🔁 Arnautovic, Rooney (GW 12)

Ramsey, Maguire 🔁 Koscielny (GW 5)

Arnautovic 🔁 Silva (GW 2)

There is always controversy when a transfer takes place and plenty of debates about who has got the better deal. Like I mentioned earlier, Kroos Control loves a dabble in the market and despite offloading David Silva, Ramsey & Rooney he is still joint top. Can’t argue with that.

If you follow our Twitter account, you’ll know that we have started taking applications to join our 2nd Division (better known as Non-League football) next season. The process involves 3 stages:

1. Initial application email (statement of interest)

2. 3 question email interview

i. Given a list of players, in which they must list them in an order they should be picked during The Draft.

ii. Come up with a football trivia question for the group.

iii. Given a list of transfer scenarios that they must take action on.


3. They must download the Football Chairman app and play the game, updating us as and when they feel necessary (Plenty of screenshots below).



We want to put the potential new guys through their paces because losing interest by November is not an option in our league. The process is ongoing and we are still getting application emails. If you are interested in getting involved please email

Anyway, how can we sum up the season so far…

Non league football is looking inevitable for Team Thomas & Yes We Emre Can.

Wynne FC is stealing a living in 3rd place. He, alongside FC Pompey who is still in hiding in Australia (3 Years in The Draft, No Trophy as of yet), need to take a long hard look at themselves.

Mean Machine must be getting dizzy in 7th place after finishing bottom for the last 2 seasons.

Kroos Control look league favourites after 8 wins on the bounce. His transfer policy is questionable though.

Nobody likes Mochdre Sports FC whether they are top or bottom (and over the years they have been both)

FC Barkalona & Inter Yanan seem to have had enough of the glory & drama. Last season they were league winner & runner up respectively. We’ve also had shaved heads and an unconscious manager in the bathroom. Nowadays they prefer the quiet mid table life as they sit 5th and 6th.

As for Class of 91, they may be in 8th position but they are still in the title chase.

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