Did the Double Gameweek mean double trouble at the top of Togga’s League Of Champions?

When does the “business end” of the football season officially start?

What is the “business end”?

Whatever it is, whenever it starts, it certainly feels like the Fantasy Premier league season is entering a critical stage.


With FPL casuals (or lemmings as they seem to be referred to) fallen by the wayside long ago it’s left to the ultras to slog it out over the bragging right of 2017/18.

Gameweeks 21 and 22 signalled the first double gameweek of the season. The jury is still out for me on the double gameweek scenario. On one hand it’s a great opportunity to stack a certain team if you see that they have a DGW on the horizon which will more than likely lead to a bumper points haul.

In head to head it’s a nightmare. One of my teams was fortunate enough to have Hugo Lloris, Kieran Trippier, Serge Aurier, Winston Reid and 180 minutes of Christian Eriksen. That team broke the 170 mark in GW22 and comfortably beat a team that actually scored very well.

Looking ahead in the Champions League, I was very much on the receiving end of the DGW curse. My opponent Fyfester had planned ahead well (and also owned Dele Alli), meaning he’d actually have 16 players playing in the gameweek.

GW21 was now a must win. Thankfully my team turned up! I managed to top score with a whopping 147.25 to take a comfortable win over Vallenar Pitbulls.

Ryan Fraser was the unlikely hero in that one, scoring twice in an unexpectedly brilliant 32.5 point haul. Lovely.

With a win secured and a nine point lead over Fantasy Gaffer (John Wallin if we’re going off his real name), the pressure was off the DGW a little. I knew Gaffer would win his matchup (he did) but a six point lead at this stage would still be very nice indeed.

What the first premier league game of the year lacked in quality it made up for in entertainment (anyone who has seen Callum Wilson’s equalising goal will know exactly what I mean). It was Wilson’s “strike” coupled with Anthony Knockaert’s sparkling 20 point display that gave me some sort of chance in this matchup. I knew I’d have at least two less players than my opponent this week so I needed a good start and they combined for nearly 40 points.

The New Year’s Day games gave me a narrow lead going into the evening Tuesday games. That’s until Andy Carroll remembered how to play football.

It’s not the numerical disadvantage that I feel hard done by in this one, it’s that Carroll managed to score his first goal in what feels like 16 years. And then he scored again! Just a little unlucky.

I was very pleased to put up the 3rd highest score of the week with Ben Davies, Knockaert and Pedro Obiang (called it. Knew he had it in him. What a goal by the way) the highlights in a 136.25 haul. We won’t talk about Alexis Sanchez.

My opponent predictably put up a league high 147.25 (identical to my GW21 effort. Weird!) to condemn me to only my 5th loss of the season. I managed to outscore him player by player on average though. Got to take the small victories.


I start the year with a six point lead at the top of the league. Completely unexpected but I’ll enjoy it while it’s there!

This is an incredibly competitive league and I’ve never seen such a lack of trade activity, showing exactly how much each person believes in the team they’ve picked. Or extreme stubbornness. It’s one of the two.

Sixteen to go. I’m counting down the weeks…

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