FPL Robinson’s Streaming Tips: The Results So Far This Season

A nice mid-season FPL break allows us to catch up on the streaming stats so far this season

I have attached the table below but if you are like my old boss and too lazy to open an attachment here are the numbers

Average points: 6 Average points when playing: 6

I don’t provide Streaming tips as there is not enough movement and quality keepers in the position, especially in an 8 player league with no trades however for the first double gameweek I tipped Adrian who returned 6 points – the fifth highest scoring keeper. Of the 4 above him only Darlow deputising for Elliott would have been a viable pick as the other 3 De Gea, Lloris and Schmeichel will all be highly owned in your leagues

Average points 4.05 Average points when playing 4.56

Average points 3.55 Average points when playing 3.76

Average points 4.11 Average points when playing 4.63

Average points 3.95 Average points when playing 4.34

So in all picks averaging just a shade under 4 points per player, with the average rising to 4.34 when players who didn’t play 1 minute are taken out, remember if you had picked them you would have had bench boost points to compensate too. Not bad considering these players should be on paper the worst in your team supplementing the star players you originally drafted

Hopefully we can get that average nearer the 5 point mark by the end of the season when it will be easier to predict starting elevens, we have more form to go on and more juicy double gameweeks!

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