What to spend your Christmas vouchers on: January signings

The first week of the transfer window has seen two major transfers, and a third addition from the summer window. But how many of the three are worth a waiver request?

I’ll start with the biggest transfer so far.

Virgil Van Dijk, Liverpool, Defender

VvD is a known quantity in the league and will probably be owned by most players in your draft leagues anyway. If he is available is he worth getting? Probably. Liverpool have a good defensive record at Anfield and VvD is a threat going forward too. None of this is new information to you so I won’t labour the point. He is definitely worth trying to get if available but don’t be too disappointed if you can’t get him, arguably his biggest value is in a league with trades where his new found top club status will probably find him more suitors. You may be able to use him to trade for a top midfielder or forward, bearing in mind the defender pool is a lot deeper than other positions.

Adrien Silva, Leicester, Midfield

Silva was bought in the summer but a delay in registering him and completing the transfer meant he has been unavailable until now. Silva is a central midfielder and has been talked of as being able to step up in the absence of Mahrez as a creative force for Leicester. As of yet though the stats do not back this up. His 237 games for Sporting Lisbon garnered 39 goals and 19 assists. He might be one to keep an eye on but the suspicion is that he will end up a good midfielder in the actual game of football but of no use in our fantasy game.

Cenk Tosun, Everton, Forward
Tosun has been bought for £27 million from Besiktas and looks likely to slot straight in to the central forward position that Everton have so desperately needed. He has been described as the “best in Europe at his price” by Allardyce. However any statement made by Sam “keynote speaker” Allardyce needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. As does Tosun record for Besiktas. 38 goals since the start of last season is a fine record but doubts remain how that translates into the Premier League. A better indication then is his record at Champions League and international level. Besiktas topped a Champions League group this season consisting of Porto, Monaco and Leipzig and Tosun more than played his part. A goal away in Porto was followed by 2 away to Monaco in a 2-1 win before he scored in a 1-1 draw against Monaco in Turkey. He also scored 5 goals for Turkey in 2017 in World Cup qualifying and boasts a goal against Tottenham in 2014. His record this season in a tough Champions League group suggests he could do it at Premier League level. Another important reason to try and get him is his first 5 games. After his debut at Wembley away at Tottenham, Tosun will play West Brom and Leicester at home, Arsenal away and Crystal Palace at home. That run of 3 welcoming home games sandwiched (more of a lasagna?) between Spurs and Arsenal will certainly tell us how good he is. But if he gets 4 in 2 against WBA and Leicester he will not be available. It makes sense to take him asap especially in a 6 plus manager league where top forwards are at a premium.

Van Dijk, if he’s available at the till whilst your already shopping by all means pick him up.

Silva, leave on the shelf for now.

Tosun, get him before he’s hot!

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