One Day Fantasy Draft Games: Dribble

In one of my earlier articles I compared Draft Fantasy games to test cricket. To extend that analogy then one day fantasy games are the 20/20 of the fantasy world. Fast, exciting with big money on offer. With that in mind I’ll be focusing on Dribble fantasy games today.

There’s also a great app you can download.

Now before I get into the strategy of the game I’ll go into the more mundane side. It’s also worth mentioning it’s a gambling game so if you aren’t interested in playing fantasy for money then look away now!

Dribble offers one day fantasy games, starting at £1 going to £40 Each league has 5 teams in. Some games play out the top 2, some are a winner takes all. They also offer a 50 player £5 game too.

Now most of you will be aware of one day fantasy games but what Dribble also offers is a head to head draft option. 10% of the pot is raked to Dribble the rest of the pot goes to the winner.

The points are also a bit more complex than official FPL and anyone who plays Togga will be more at home with the scoring system.

Goal: 10
Penalty save: 10
Clean Sheet: 10
Assist: 6
Save: 6
Shot on target: 4
Shot: 2
Key pass: 2
Tackle: 1
Foul won: 1
Duel won: 1
Interception: 1
Accurate pass: 0.1
Touch: 0.05

Foul: -1
Goal conceded: -2
Yellow card: -2
Red card: -5
Penalty miss: -5
Own goal: -5

Each team is 1 GK, 1 DEF, 2 MID, 1 FOR

Once you pick your team you receive 2 free transfers but these can only be used before a player has played.

There are also another 3 great features to Dribble

Refer a friend gets you a £5 free game

You can challenge friends in your own leagues

They offer games on Premier League, Champions League, Europa League, Championship, FA and League Cup.

The draft order first pick is random and then proceeds like the new penalty shoot out formation in an ABBA style snake.

Now the best strategies vary depending on how many matches there are on a day. The more matches the more gambles you can take, the less matches the more conservative you need to be. On next Monday when the only game is Manchester United v Stoke you can’t afford to pick obscure players and leave Lukaku, Martial, de Gea to others. But on a day like Saturday you could chose Richarlison over Kane knowing there’s more scope for different scorers.

So if you fancy winning money from your fantasy tips why not give it a go, if you are unsure on paying money at first there are free games you can try out too.

The game updates live and by final whistle you’ll know if you’ve won!

See below for my teams for this weekends games. I have picked an A team – the best team possible and a B team – players you can source from if you play the draft game and your player is taken.

Saturday January 13
A Team: Ryan (BRI), Alonso (CHE), Hazard (CHE), Eriksen (TOT), Kane (TOT)
B Team: Lossl (HUD), Vertonghan (TOT), Zaha (CRY), Carillo (WAT), Morata (CHE)

Sunday January 14
A Team: Cech (ARS), Bellerin (ARS), de Bruyne (MC), Ozil (ARS), Salah (LIV)
B Team: Ederson (MC), Walker (MC), Ibe (BOU), Wilshere (ARS), Sterling (MC)

Monday January 15
A team: Butland (STO), Shaw (MU), Lingard (MU), Pogba (MU), Martial (MU)
B team: De Gea (MU), Jones (MU), Moting (STO), Mata (MU), Lukaku (MU)

If you want to challenge me over the weekend @ismycapplaying or search for me in the “challenge a friend” tab on the site just search “Robinson”

Enjoy the site and the games but please only bet what you can afford and start off slowly. Please remember there are free games and £1 games to start on if you are unsure.

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To let the FPL community vote on your team decisions  

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