FPL Robinson’s Dribble One Day Fantasy Tips

Dribble fantasy is an excellent 1 day fantasy game offering free games, and cash games from £1 to £20 and head to head drafts.

One of the biggest ways to get points is to have an attacker and a goalkeeper from opposite sides in the same game. A shot on target is 4 points, a goalkeeper save is 6 points. A goal is 10. A goal conceded is minus 2.

A goalkeeper is a undervalued differential in this game and if you pay a head to head draft you should take a keeper with your first 2 picks, possibly first pick depending on what star forwards there are. Try to get the balance right between one who will save shots and get touches on the ball and one who will receive a thrashing. But bear in mind a save will cancel out conceding 3 goals so it’s not a huge worry.

My way of remembering the importance of keepers in this game is to sing “draft a keeper” to the tune of The Smiths “Panic” but you might find a more normal way of doing so.

Tuesday nights team


Wednesday night tips: Foster; Alonso; Hazard, de Bruyne; Sterling


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