Silva Lining?

When the German FA feel the need to tweet a Championship Club about a tackle you know it’s bad. The tackle on Sane on Sunday was horrific and leaves the German out for about a month.

There is some excuse for the referee in that he may have been concentrating on the denial of a goalscoring opportunity aspect of the tackle rather than the nature of the tackle. There was no excuse for the refereeing of the rest of the game by Lee Mason. And Guardiola was fully justified in his on pitch berating of the hapless official.

A word also must go to Cardiff manager Neil Warnock. “Guardiola is in England, what do you expect? I suppose when you’re like that, you want everything to be nice, pretty and perfect, but you don’t get that here, you get different challenges” if ever a sentence and indeed a manager summed up the nasty, cynical and small minded view of English tactiticians this is that. There’s a reason Warnock never succeeds at the highest level, and a reason is nickname is an anagram of his name. Colin is the first. Rearrange W A K N E R for his surname. This is a respectable site so I’ll not spell it out! If regular readers thought my Allardyce vendetta was bad wait until Cardiff get promoted.

Sane looks like he will be back in a month and hopefully he will be well rested for the climax of City’s quadruple chase and Germany’s World Cup bid. In the meantime it offers a chance for Bernardo Silva. Silva has struggled to get into the City juggernaut this season but with both Sane and Jesus out now may be his chance.

Silva is owned by only 22% of leagues in Draft Fantasy, 0.6% of teams in Official FPL and with West Brom H, Burnley A and Leicester H up next he is definitely worth a look. If you are chasing in a league Bernardo could be a risk worth taking. Don’t sacrifice a star name to get Silva but if you need a gamble he’s your man.

Manchester City’s attacking threat is obvious and Silva’s stats are more than decent. 2 goals and 4 assists in 674 minutes at an average of a return of 1 every 112 minutes.

And in 894 minutes of Cup football Silva had 2 goals and 6 assists also at an average of 1 every 112 minutes. This figure would have been better if the aforementioned Lee Mason hadn’t erroneously disallowed his thunderbolt in off the bar against Cardiff.

Now admittedly this is a small sample size but there’s enough info here to make this an exciting punt at a great differential.

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