FPL Robinson’s Streaming Tips: Gameweek 29 Streaming In The Snow

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A strange week in football with VAR controversy, snow galore, more double and blank gameweeks confirmed, bonus point debate, the worst final performance in living memory and another example of politics and football colliding. The FA and Pep Guardiola are on a collision course over a yellow ribbon and seemingly oblivious to the fact they are also in a competition to see who can be the most hypocritical. Is it the FA who spent years complaint that poppies couldn’t be worn only to ban a different symbol? Or is it Guardiola who shows solidarity with Pro -Catalan protesters whilst being paid 15 million pounds a year to manage the PR arm of a sovereign wealth fund with questionable attitudes towards human rights and free speech?

This mixing of politics and football then showed itself to me even more on Saturday evening. On Saturday night politics mixed itself with fantasy football! The Telegraph printed a story claiming Jeremy Corbyn was at war with a free press because he had the temerity to dispute a libellous story they were reporting. Now what’s the big deal? Well nothing really. But I’ve already refused to play Fantasy games provided by The Sun and The Daily Mail. Should I add the Telegraph to my list? The dilemma is the Sun and Daily Mail games aren’t very good. The Telegraph game is a great game who offer cash prizes and Champions League and World Cup games. I’m probably overthinking it, if only the Telegraph would pay me 15 million pounds a year I’d be more than happy to carry on playing!

Week 29 tips.

DISCLAIMER 1: Please keep your eyes on snow forecasts and make sure players you pick are playing. I’m not a weatherman but given the games at Wembley and the Emirates went ahead in midweek, and that Manchester where I live is already back to normal in the main transport routes we won’t see any games postponed but things could change!

DISCLAIMER 2: I’m very tempted to pick last weeks picks of Mee and Iheanacho again so please keep them on your shortlists. Mee was a minute away from a clean sheet and a game against a passive Everton could provide another chance. Iheanacho looked lively as a substitute last week and if he can get a start against Bournemouth this week we could see some returns. In the interests of variety though I have picked three different players

Defender: Stephens, Southampton (STO H) Stephens is a part of a solid defence and playing a Stoke side who are frantically treading water could bring him defensive returns. However it is his attacking qualities that could be of use this week. Stoke have conceded the most corners in the league and with Ward Prowse delivering as he does, the centre back could add a goal to a clean sheet.

🚨 If the Southampton match does not go ahead consider Kiko Femenía of Watford who are at home to bottom Club West Bromwich Albion. 🚨

Midfielder: Ki, Swansea (WHU H)
Swansea had been on a good run until last weeks thrashing by Brighton. Ki has played 90 minutes in the last 6 matches, and before last weeks match had scored 8 points and 11 points in consecutive weeks. The visit of West Ham could see another haul.

🚨 If the Swansea match doesn’t go ahead consider Burnley’s Johann Berg Gudmundsson who is in action at Turf Moor against Everton. 🚨

Forward: Locadia, Brighton (ARS H) the new January signing is yet to begin a match but with a league and cup goal in recent weeks he could be in line for a start. Brighton are on a good run and face an Arsenal side who will have played Manchester City on Thursday and face AC Milan the following Thursday, so could rest players. Although given Arsenal’s away form would anyone know anyway?


Dribble Fantasy tips:
Saturday: Lossl, Davies, Can, Doucoure, Salah
Sunday: Courtois, Walker, Hazard, De Bruyne, Aguero
Monday: de Gea, Valencia, Milivojevic, Pogba, Lukaku


FPL Robinson is on Twitter as “@ismyCAPplaying” Click to  on Twitter!

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