UEFA Champions League Tips

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A small Champions League piece this week. Depending on which of the games you are playing you may have some transfers to use this week. However given the fixtures and the state of those games it might be best to keep your powder dry.


Manchester City are four goals up before a home tie, Liverpool are five goals up before a home tie. PSG host Real Madrid with a 3-1 deficit and no Neymar (did you trade him out? Champions League Draw Reaction: Time to trade Neymar?) and Spurs Juventus is on a knifeedge. Given that Liverpool and Manchester City are playing dead rubbers with reserve teams rules them out as transfers, their opponents are obviously ruled out as they will be knocked out afterwards. Real Madrid should qualify but this might not be the game to add their players, Tottenham against Juventus will be tight and anyone could go out and as such their players are best off leaving alone for now.

The only slight pieces of advice would be if you think PSG are going to win and qualify then you could gamble on them. I personally would leave them alone but if you fancy a gamble to make up ground that could be the place this week. Another player who might be worth acquiring is Gabriel Jesus who will definitely be in the next round and will probably play this week and may be a differential in most leagues.

I have listed below the percentage chances of qualification and this is relevant to the players you might bring in. If you think a team can overturn a deficit you could gamble on getting their players in while everyone else is wary.

Man City 100% v Basle 0%
Liverpool 100% v Porto 0%
PSG 17.7% v Real Madrid 82.3%
Spurs 63.1% v Juventus 36.9%
*stats coutesy of @infogolapp which is a great site for those of you who love using numbers for your teams with great use of odds, percentages, xG etc


@dribblefantasy have games this week including head to head draft games for cash.

Tuesday tips: Sa; Marcelo; Veratti, Modric; Ronaldo

Wednesday tips: Vaclik; Davies; Ali, Pjanic; Jesus

Remember in the dribble game you get two free transfers so if team news comes in and Liverpool and Man City play stronger teams than expected you could get Salah, de Bruyne etc


FPL Robinson is on Twitter as “@ismyCAPplaying” Click to  on Twitter!

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