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Hi I’m Rob a.k.a. FPL Draft Boss. I’ve been playing fantasy football in one form or another since childhood and remember buying a do-it-yourself Fantasy Football kit from the book fair at primary school to start my own league with friends and family. Since then I’ve played, run and often won all sorts of fantasy leagues from the old newspaper games to private leagues run on custom made spreadsheets and into the modern day of the internet, mobile phone apps and the 8th wonder of the world live scoring. This site was set up when I invited a group of friends who were all Draft rookies to join a League and found that a WhatsApp group chat full of GIF’s, brutal put downs & X-Rated videos probably isn’t the best place to guide them through all the nuances of the draft format. Aiming to provide a place for advice that could be referred back to time & again FPLDraftBoss.com was born.

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FPL Draft Boss Midseason Awards: The Good, the Bad & De Gea. PART 2 – THE BAD & DE GEA

FPL Draft Boss Midseason Awards: The Good, the Bad & De Gea. PART 1 – THE GOOD

One of the best Draft format mini leagues is expanding for next season. FPL Draft Boss spoke to League Commisioner Tom Shorrocks from @TheDraftTweets

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Even rotation might have a Silva lining

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In Fantasy Football hard work works.

There are no friends in FPL

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Player Profile: Lukasz Fabiański, GOALKEEPER, Swansea City

Waivers Explained

Messi ✅ Ronaldo ✅ Neymar ✅ Play UEFA Champions League draft fantasy football on DraftFantasyFootball.co.uk!

It’s Not Too Late To Start A Draft League This Season!

Why You MUST Consider An Offline Draft!

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Lightning Drafts Available On draftfantasyfootball.co.uk

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